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Visible weapons inside the transport vehicle.
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This bugged me from the very start of the alpha when i noticed that in most of the transport vehicles the weapons of the transporting soldiers (not the vehicle crew) did not show up.

In arma 2 you could see each soldier holding his gun (and yours) while inside the transporting chopper(i don't remember for ground transport vehicles though).

Right now inside the orca, mohawk and ghosthawk the weapons are not there.

For the ground vehicles only the offroad pickup , the hatchback (both simple and sport) and the SUV has them .

In every other land vehicle they are absent .


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Put down all the vehicles in the editor and get in.

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Wait, wait, wait, I remember back in the alpha that people's weapons showed up, at least in the Orca.

Were they ? I cannot seem to recall , memory fades but as it stands now only few vehicles allow the weapons to be visible.