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[REQ] ArmA 3 Ship Config Guidlines
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I'd like to formally request there to be documentation on how to properly configure a boat using the ShipX simulation. Similar, if not the same to what BI has located here:

Currently, I have canfloat=1; waterleakiness=1; and a boat having the simulation of "shipx". All it does when placed in water is drop like a brick, all the way to the bottom of the ocean. When I change shipx to ship, the old simulation, it doesnt drop.


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Place boat on stratis, a boat which you have reconfig/custom made using simulation="shipX" in the config and canFloat=1 and waterleakiness=0; and watch it sink.

This isn't a bug, just a lack of documentation. Therefore Steps to Reproduce is null really.

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I think your issue is because you have set autocenter=0 in the geo lod. Remove this.

Also I started a wiki entry here based on community knowledge, still WIP