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Tank FCS behaves incorrecly
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As the title says. When locking the target in an MBT, the Fire Control System starts to automatically adjust range ("AUTO" is displayed on the weapons pane, where zeroing is) and lead.

However, it always underestimates range, resulting in the shell hitting around a degree lower than the target. This is not a problem with vehicles which are tall (Zamak/MRAPs); however, when engaging vehicles which have a low profile (tanks/APC), this causes the gun to miss - the round hits ground before the target.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a playable Slammer tank on one of Altis salt lakes, player as commander
  2. Place a T-100 Varsuk 1500 meters away
  3. Start the preview
  4. Switch position to gunner
  5. Lock the target (RMB or Tab)
  6. Shoot
  7. Unlock the target
  8. Manually set range based on rangefinder readout
  9. Fire again

Observe how the round misses the target when using "AUTO" ranging. Manually setting the range to 1500 allows to hit the target with no problem.

Additional Information

Actual in latest dev build (1.03.110304). An unfortunate bug which breaks otherwise very solid system.

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Still an issue as of 1.07

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Still a issue 1.37 DEV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!