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When I eject from a moving helo I die instantly.
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When I eject from a moving helo I die instantly. I'm using the eject action to have the players squad eject from a moving helo. It kills us all. Also, if any of the Ai don't die, when they do open their parachutes they instantly die.


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Make a simple paradrop script using the eject command. Iterate through your squad and have each one eject when a waypoint is reached.

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Jumping out of helos may not be the conventional way of doing things (maybe this is why it's killing us) but it's not like we have any planes to jump out of.

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maybe there should be no "Eject" action at all since it is impractical to eject from a moving heli except for a few (KA-50/52), this however is for the pilots. If you are a passenger then it is a little more practical but sill should be limited to helicopters with a rear hatch like door such as the Mi-8 or Mi-26. It is just too dangerous to jump from the side of a heli.

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Agreed. BUT... it's not like we have any planes to jump out of atm. What I ended up doing was disabling the collision between the helo and the player / group.

Can confirm this.
Ejecting from a passenger seat in any moving chopper will kill the player/his team most of the time.

If you hit the main rotor or tail rotor when ejecting you will be killed. Try coming to a complete stop while hovering and then eject.

this is not because of a chopper, but because of the lack of AI of using halo jumps at all

There is a different ticket covering the issue that AI die when they deploy their parachutes.