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AI Squadmates react as if their paths are obstructed and/or do not obey orders
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The AI movement routines are... really lethal in combat. Typically, they seem to "see" obstructions in their paths that simply are not present and will then either become stuck or decide to go alllllll the way around the block (into areas not cleared by allies) and promptly get shot. They decide to stay put on a corner.

It doesn't matter what orders you give them, for instance telling your medic to move to a point behind him before moving him forward (to try to change his pathing decision), they just suddenly decide to not walk through the open ground in front of them. I've had them go around the block, go into a house's upper floor and then jump out the balcony, all sorts of things, but walk down the open stretch of pavement in front of them to where I'm ordering them to go. {F22272} {F22273}


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Basically play in a combat situation- you'll see it happen. But in my most recent event (with picture):

We've got a heroically wounded, brave squad leader (that would be me) in need of first aid and unit 3- a medic- is standing a house away (in the picture titled MedicTour he is the NPC with the highlighted hex at the far end of the block). He is free from direct fire, is behind cover as well as concealment and has no targets to shoot at.

He is given an order to heal his noble leader. Although all he has to do is walk past a body and another teammate OR walk along unobstructed ground behind them (towards the canal) the medic decides to walk away from the squad and around an entire city block. The screenshot here is taken when he's already run a block away from me, right before he's turned the corner. He is killed.

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I've had this happen on both islands and in all types of terrain, although it is more common in urban areas. Sometimes there are bodies in front of them but I've got tons of screenshots with AI squaddies who are refusing to cross clear ground as well.

Arma 2 DID have its own AI pathing issues, especially with vehicles and inside buildings- I've managed that for years without this kind of trouble (so I'm not just a run-&-gunner new to the series or something) but this is much much worse. I say this with the greatest amount of respect and appreciation for what you do, Arma 3 really shows your hard work, but the AI pathing is just killer.

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