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Create Task Module doesn't work as stated
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The Create Task Module has the following options for task owner

  1. Sync'd objects only
  2. Groups of sync'd objects
  3. Sides of sync'd objects
  4. All playable units

However, when creating a single player mission with multiple playable characters (teamswitch enabled), options 2-4 above don't work.

In fact, if a unit is not sync'd with the create task module, when the player teamswitches to that unit, none of the previously created tasks will be viewable in that unit's task viewer. It only works if EVERY playable unit is sync'd to the create task module which gets very messy for some missions in the Editor. Much easier to use options 2 -4 if they worked.

The same applies to using selectPlayer script to non-playable characters.


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Easy to reproduce:

Multiple playable characters with teamswitch enabled. Once a task is created even if set to "all playable units", if you team switch to that unit it won't have the task.

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