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AI magically spots & accurately shoots through concealment
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Using concealment is almost pointless. All's it does is give the player a false sense of security. Enemy AI will spot the player & very accurately shoot the player through tall brush for example.


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So Urban engagements outside of street fighting isn't viable. IE;CQB in buildings. And also we can't fight in the bush. The only place the AI are legit is in an open field.

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Completely false: no attempt at proof: worthless ticket

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Clearly. AI have no problems in regards to concealment. That's why 2 days later a new ticket regarding concealment & Ai was opened and was assigned? Albeit the author went into redundant detail regarding the problem. The AI have always had problems with concealment. It has gotten better but there are still issues. Which I think has been proof enough & the report isn't nearly as worthless as your reply.