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all items listed in CfgVehicle being accessible throught the editors.
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I would like all the classnames listed in the CfgVehicles to be made available in the editor. This makes is easier to design missions and place object whether be hangers, fences, Tent hangers on the map without having to write scripts to have them placed on the map. I understand that this may make the map very cluttered, but I think it help the mission designer, work more efficently.


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At present I am using GID-Object Positioning System to help me design a script that will place the objects not included in the editor on the map. It allows you to select the objects class name place it on the map, and reposition it, then give you the coding that can be copied to a script that is then saved to your mission folder. I like this program, but you need to know, what this object look like before adding them to the map, that where GID Object Positioning Systems is handy.

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Sure having the name of all the props at hand for scripting would be helpful, upvoted +1

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As a mission designer, this would be extremely useful in designing Bases that aren't in-game by default.

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