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Ammo Supply Truck not rearming A-143 Buzzard CAS
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Having trouble rearming the A-143 Buzzard CAS with a Support Ammo Truck. I would drive the truck along side the plane waiting for it to rearm my gatling, A-G. A-A Missiles and the GBU bombs. but they do not rearm.


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I have done many countless mission and only once have I managed to rearm my A-G and A-A missiles but not the GBU bombs.

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I have also tried to place the Support Ammo Truck front to front, and front to back, and also with the back, and cannot get it to rearm the A-143 Buzzard CAS.

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Yup, it also hardly rearms other vehicles. Addfng custom ammo ends up in the side crate of the truck (small amount). I ended up creating my own scripted service points for the jets, because the trucks are useless.

No arming, no refueling, no repair in ARMA3 - great! None of these features work correctly. Only solution is to get another vehicle - which is hardly practical in the middle of a war!

We need a rearm module! I'm not sure how I triggered it but I saw a whole page of support options - which worked briefly but I haven't been able to bring that Support menu up again. It said work in progress - so I guess the support feature is in the bulging pipeline - if you'll excuse the pun.

Of course the community has numerous support scripts out there but I for one am getting damn tired of having to add 100's of addons just to make ARMA3 function well.