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The slightest bit of cloud causes a monsoon :-s
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Basically it rains all the time.

Just because there are clouds in the sky doesn't mean that it should rain.
The sky should be able to become fully overcast without raining and only rain occasionally.

The rain effect also has a really obvious & visible loop to the animation every 1 second.
Also the rain has no depth meaning it only rains in front of you in a flat sheet around the player and nowhere else. (heavy rain should reduce visibility over distance)
The rain also follows you into buildings which are larger than the area of the rain effect around the player :-s


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Turn rain to manual. The automatic one gives you rain all the time.

Yeah that's exactly what I mean, the automatic rain should be realistic :-)

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Agreed, its a bit annoying. Most of the time you just want a nice cloud cover (55%) and you get constant rain. Keeping cloud cover below 50% removes the rain (less clouds thus). PS, you can not remove rain manually without reducing cloud cover, the sliders are linked.

Now since the full release and the introduction of the rain effect on the screen (very similar if not the same rain as Operation Flashpoint) all my missions on my server are now set in a torrential downpour.

Even with clear blue sky above it still seems to rain just because there are a few clouds.