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Quad Tiltrotor Heavy Transport Aircraft and other vehicles.
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There is a lack of aircrafts for Blufor, and Opfor. Mostly planes and VTOLS. I expected them to be released along the release of the game, but that didn't happen. I really hope some more aircrafts were added. I've seen people requesting c130, A10... I agree, but since this is the ''future'' (2035) I expect more modern/futuristic aircraft. i know there are 2 CAS aicrafts coming, for now thats ok, but at some point they should add some type of vehicles as the ones listed here:

For example for Blufor:

V-22 Osprey/V-280 Valor(Tiltrotor with attack capabilities,consider that the the v-280 prototype will likely change a lot before it actually enter service)

V-44 Pelican/Bell Quad tiltrotor (Basically a heavy transport tiltrotor VTOL for vehicles, this would replace the C-130 and AC-130, it would be perfect if it could carry tanks and other heavy vehicles (C-17) , probably this vehicle would totally change arma 3 gaming experience, as it is vtol it can land everywhere and pick and drop any vehicle/infantry in minutes)

A-10c Thunderbolt II (its service was extended to 2040) (UPDATED: A NATO CAS jet was already added: A-164 Wipeout)

F-35B (Many say this program is a fail, but VTOL has its advantages)

F22 (or another fifth generation aircraft)

The Boeing F/A-XX is the only Sixth-generation jet fighter currently known to be proposed by 2030.

X-47C UAV (?)

I've seen people requesting this in the forums too:
Lockheed Martin's Stealth C-130 Successor STOL Speed Agile

So it would be nice if some of the vehicles I mentioned had a stealth design upgrade. (just like what happened with A-10c thunderbolt II to A-164 wipeout)

And for example for Opfor:

Transport vtols? (Opfor v-22, v-44 version? It's the year 2035 and I've seen Opfor and Blufor use very similar vehicles, i know there is a vtol program for unmaned vehicles, that could be used as reference, if not something like a Mi-17 would be nice)
for example's china's blue whale tiltrotor:

Sukhoi Su-25KM Scorpion (counterpart of the A-10c for opfor, or the devs could ''make'' a new one like they did with the Mi-48 Kajman, which is a total succes, in my opinion, despite the ubrealistic features it may have) (UPDATED: A CSAT CAS jet was already added: To-199 Neophron)

Yakovlev Yak-141 (Vtol capabilities, it should be an upgraded version though, stealth and 5th gen)

T50 PAKFA (Next generation aircraft, perfect counter for the F22)


In general most aircrafts should be stealth, because non stealth aircraft won't survive in the airbattles from tomorrow.


IMPORTANT! i'm not saying all the aircraft should be limited to those listed above, It's just an example of what could be added to the game. but of course I expect many other vehicles too, which should be added at some point since bug fixing es the most important thing. but at the same time that's not reason to forget about new basic content.

Reasons why I'm choosing VTOLS instead of a C-130, C-17, CASA C-212, etc:

  1. It's the year 2035, I'm pretty sure many modern prototypes will be already putted in service. Probably VTOL tiltrotor technology will be mastered.
  2. Unlike Arma 2, maps only have 1 big airfield. C130's and big non vtol vehicles can't land anywhere else (Unless Stratis-Altis were putted together to make a single map, as in ArmA 1)
  3. V-22 and v-44 are faster than helicopters and can land anywhere in the map unlike vehicles like the C130. What could take you 8 Ghosthawks and 1 hour, could be done with 1 V-44 and 10 minutes.

Another thing I would suggest is adding a MLRS artillery for Opfor too, since there is only 1 for blufor, but that's not necesary like aircraft.

And since naval units and sea operations are going to be more important, who knows if a hovercraft could be added:

Please, If you agree with all this Upvote so developers will notice what we do want. And if you have any other suggestion or idea related to this feel free to post it in the comments.


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  1. Open editor
  2. Try to place an Opfor/Blufor Vtol, Cargo Transport or Heavy helicopter.
  3. There isn't any, only independant have a Heavy helicopter (Mohawk).
  4. Be disappointed to know that the only way to have these is by using mods, which unlike official content, not everybody has them.
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If it was alpha or Beta I could understand, but the game has already been released and Blufor and Opfor don't have any Jet/Heavy aircraft vehicles. I understand that bug fixing and game engine improvements are the most important things, but for me, and hopefully for many people, this is very important too. So please consider this as soon as posible.

The 2 planes they are working on are CAS Jets, nothing related to transport helicopters or cargo planes. So please if you downvote this justify it and not simply say they are working in ''2 aircrafts'' when its just 1 CAS aircraft for opfor and blufor, nothing more. If you want more vehicles to be added at some point, upvote, as simple as that.

I started a threa in the BI fórums:

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Peter added a subscriber: Peter.May 7 2016, 4:53 PM
Peter added a comment.Sep 23 2013, 4:50 PM

Cool stuff..

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 4:53 PM

They are working on two planes right now.

I found the post:
I think these 2 planes are the buzzard, which are already ingame for independant faction. I said that in the post though.
Even in the case that was true, we still have the issue for a large transport aircraft for Arma 3 or multiple transport aircraft which is why I made this post too. Only 2 planes is not enough(Arma 2 had over 8, and the islands were smaller).

Why did you downvoted? Whats the reason? We as a community can decide what would be the most realistic and fun fixed wing transport aircraft for Arma 3. If you downvote give reasons please. And if you have a better suggestion or disagree about something feel free to post it.

Thank you.

uhh the kajman was not created by bohemia interactive
it is modeled off of the Kamov Ka-50
Its twin tail is fucking badass though, so thank you b.i.


No, BIS is currently working on two CAS planes for NATO and CSAT.

The Mi-48 is based off Mil-mi 28 (turret, cockpit), Mi 24 (can transport infantry) and Kamov Ka-50 as you said. It's an helicopter based off existant helicopters, but it does not exist itself, that's why I said ''Created by BI''.

If thats true you made my day :D but for some reason I can't find the source, where did you find that information? forums? BI main page? Arma 3?

But It's a shame that if they are only working in CAS planes, that means that they are not working on VTOLS/Heavy transport planes. Hopefully they will add that later.

EDIT: added this to a forum discussion:

Peter added a comment.Sep 23 2013, 8:23 PM

There is a huge cargo plane at least to be deliver in the campaing/patch episodes that is like the C130 but with other name. You can find the wreck actually in the game right know under the wreck category.
Anyways you can spect the Osprey also.

@AD2001 Thank you :)

''The two CAS airplanes are mostly finished in terms of their most detailed artwork Level Of Detail (LOD). They are now undergoing texturing and LODing, before handing them off to the encoding, audio and animation departments. And there are yet more ''brand-new vehicles'' being sculpted by the artists''

I wonder what are those Brand new vehicles, hopefully the ones I mentioned above and many more.


I only noticed the wrecks from Arma 2, I'll check that later thanks. and if they add the osprey I hope it will have a defensive weapon system:

The wreck vehicle is a C-192, which looks exactly like a C-130. i hope they will not use the C-130 when they will probably be decommissioned by that time.


2 new planes are coming...

and let's first see what those are... then they better fix all major bugs first etc...

there's tons of stuff to play with already (and soon ARMA2 content will be released for modders etc...)

@ DrDeathO5
Basically youre saying that with those 2 CAS aircrafts arma doesn't need any other vehicle... Tell me, what vehicle are you going to use to parachute a vehicle? How are you going to transport infantry in a plane? Having said this I prove that there aren't enough vehicles yet. But im not saying they should have high priority, these could be added at some point since i agree that bug fixes are main priority, and if you have read the main post you'll see that I said this.

Of course when tools are released, moders will be able to create their own stuff, but something basic such a cargo plane or heavy helicopter should be oficial, more when there is no type of this vehicle for blufor and opfor.

I also suggested a MLRS for opfor, and a hovercraft as a posibility. Downvoting this, means that you do not want any other vehicles than the ones that are ingame, so think about what are you downvoting, because i don't think that is reason to downvote this.

If people still uses this pretext for downvoting this i'll create another ticket specifically for cargo plane/vtol and v-22 with defensive system since these were the main points of the post and I added the other vehicles along the way to request everything at the same time.

I'm not saying that the only ones that should be added are from this list, these are just posibilities and suggestions, I'm pretty sure BI will make others that are not mentioned above too. But i thought this could be a good influence.

Yes, more air vehicles are coming, but Arma needs more than 3 planes, and a couple of helicopter. I think at least 2 attack jets per faction, and one transport plane.

Fri13 added a subscriber: Fri13.May 7 2016, 4:53 PM
Fri13 added a comment.Sep 25 2013, 1:07 PM

"Sukhoi Su-25KM Scorpion (counterpart of the A-10c for opfor, or the devs could ''make'' a new one like they did with the Mi-48 Kajman, which is a total succes)"

I wouldn't say Mi-48 is total success. It does look "fancy" but its flight modeling is just so terrible what it should be. There are own tickets like what takes it.

If the OPFOR is going to get non-existing vehicles, at least they should be some how realistically behaving or having reason to exist.
Like if Mi-48 would have wanted to make correctly, it would look more like Russian current helicopter plans for future like KA-56

That would be what Mi-48 should have been and called it directly as KA-48 instead KA-58, so it would have been a "first step" for it. A counter part for AH-99 but with much bigger punch, speed and agility.

Armata is the Russian universal Platform plan. A one platform what is used with MBT, SPAAG, SAM, Artillery etc. And now suddenly NATO got those.

When showing the ARMA 3 for players who knows military stuff well in reality buyt but nothing about ARMA, they don't like at all that NATO side has same turrets and designs in ARMA 3. But they do like that many vehicles are realistic and exiting ones even (like AMV-7).

So if they add new fighters etc. They should do them for more realistic counter parts as just changing a single feature takes about 10 years to get it fielded. So if today is something taken in service, it will be next 40-50 years in service with a few upgrades like F-22 and Sukhoi PAK FA.
The fuselag design can be kept "classic" but the armament and gear is the thing what would make them interesting. Like add a Vikhr missiles to ground attack aircraft like Su-25 (multiple benefits for them).

Larger aircraft's like C-130 feels little "dumb" but can bring interesting missions.

The KA-56 looks kind of like a Comanche.

@Fri13 ka-56 and mi-48 are totally different designs: turret, cockpit, stealth... The only similar thing that they share is that dual blade rotor engine. Looks more like a new generation Mil-mi 28 for me. Despite that I agree with the request of that ticket about yaws.

Non existing vehicles today will probably exist by 2035, for exampla pak fa t50, v280 or v44. Of course if they add non existin vehicles (concepts/protypes) they should try to make them realistic but taking into consideration this is the year 2035. V280 third generation tiltrotor is dated for 2016 aproximately. So what we will have in 2035? Exoskeleton suits?

Krycek added a subscriber: Krycek.May 7 2016, 4:53 PM

Voted this because Vtol is the future.By 2035 Vtol solutions would be pretty mature,transport,gunship etc.

It would be pretty sweet if there was a VTOL jet transport
think V-22 Osprey, but with jet engines on the ends of the wings instead of props :)

Peter added a comment.Sep 28 2013, 7:43 PM

Just notice guys that we are in 2013 and the game is featured somehow 2035 and in terms of aircraft desing and innovations the aircraft manufactures are actually working on it.
Im still working like aircraft engineer in helicopters developed on early sixties and the variants are still used today with improved desing and avionics.

EDIT: With that I mean that we are not going to expect so innovative changes in fuselage design more than those made by composite materials and the way the wars are right now dont deserve to spend more money in those proyects, maybe more in all kind of electronic and armour protection for ground forces.

even china is trying to créate (Or copy) their own quadtiltrotor called blue whale:

so yes, no doubt that the future is Stealth and VTOl/tiltrotors/stol.

I did some concepts for the V-25 (Stalth V-22) , V-45 (Stealth V-44) and V-280 (Stealth V-280) and other CSAT possibilities:

How cool would these look ingame!

Transport planes for the win :)


The Quadtiltrotor does not sound too plausible and seems to not be that efficient.
(In my opinion)

But personally I think a updated V280 Valor would be very interesting to see and is indeed very fast and agile. Also it has some pretty sexy shapes.
-But prop engines are certainly more efficient than jet engines for such an aircraft, because jet engines cannot autorotate in a hover (duh) and it consumes a hell of a lot of fuel.

There is also a new type of aircraft that is being tested, the "Raider" from Sikorsky, which is a mix of coxial-rotor helicopter and prop aircraft. It can fly around 400km/h in flight and can of course hover like any normal helicopter.
-just as information

But the Valor is in my opinion a reliable and fast troop transport aircraft.
-The Raider would be great though too, even with it's odd look.