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In-game screenshot function is needed.
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There is currently no way to take screenshots in-game without using third-party software such as FRAPS or using the Steam Overlay. Third-party software is a drag on performance and the Steam Overlay does not work for me (SHIFT-TAB does nothing and F12 only brings up a command window; I have Steam Friendly UI enabled and the Steam In-Game enabled in my Steam settings). PrintScrn only produces a pure black image for me and requires ALT-TABing.

Given that the game includes a "Splendid Camera" with many pan/zoom functions it might as well have a native "Take Picture" function like most other games do to allow players to avoid all the extra hassle of setting up screenshot sofware.


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Ingame UI
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  1. Activate "Splendid Camera"
  2. Look for screenshot button.
  3. ???

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Goddammit, people, it's not steam friendly UI, it's stReam friendly UI.

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Whoops. Okay, ignore the part about "Stream friendly UI." The rest of the issue is still valid.

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BIS_fnc_exportCfgWeapons actually calls a command diag_screenshot. However, this appears to be disabled in the Dev and Stable versions of Arma 3.