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Some of the bridges get destroyed when hitting them
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Some bridges get destroyed if you hit them while driving armored vehicles. Especially Bobcat can destroy bridges quite easily. Tried with cars couple of times and was unable to reproduce this.

Bridges affected:
Dirt road bridge, tested with this one: [3480, 13345]
Highway bridges, one in Kavala (tested multiple others, affected as well): [3670, 13300]
Other bridges in Kavala seems to work properly.

Edit: Didn't feel like creating a new ticket because it might be the same bug. I noticed that vehicle lights behave differently when crossing these bridges. The illumination on the bridge had very sharp edges and was bouncing all over the place. {F22227}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. place an armored vehicle, player as driver
  2. setPos the vehicle near coordinates listed in the description
  3. Edit: observe how vehicle lights behave when on the bridge
  4. hit the siderail (you must have some forward momentum)
  5. observe how the bridge collapses underneath you

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I used to build bridges and I am a draughtsman specializing in reinforced concrete. Unless the bridge is designed to withstand the weight it will collapse.
It maybe that this is the way the game is made, as you said you cant reproduce it with a car

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Did you try this? Even a minimal hit with MBT will collapse the bridge. And could you explain that the biggest bridge in the game collapses so easily, but you can ram smaller ones full speed and nothing happens..?

This happen me too, south of Chalkeia 203111, the bridge with the metal barrier on the sides, if you it them of if you drive on it the bridge will disappear/collapse.
This happen with vehicle bigger then cars (Trucks, Tank).

This is the bugged bridge: