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If free-look is enabled, AI Gunner is unable to turn the turret/aim at targets
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Using free-look as a gunner and then switching to commander/driver prevents the AI from turning the turret and it is unable to aim at anything.

Occurred with the Marshall and the Slammer.

Maybe it's a (normal) AI glitch where it just doesn't react at all. It did happen though and it seemed to be linked to using free-look as a gunner. {F22224}


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Steps To Reproduce

Repro not complete, something is missing.

  • Place a Slammer/Marshall in the editor, player as commander
  • Preview, move to gunner's seat, go to 3rd person [numpad enter], enable free-look
  • Move to commander's seat, order AI gunner to target a house, snake, etc., notice the gunner doesn't move the turret at all
  • Move back to gunner's seat, disable free-look, finally move to commander's seat and notice that the AI is able to aim again

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Can't repro with Slammer or Marshall. Using the dev build.

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Yeah, I just tested further and it seems to be triggered by something else. I updated the description.

I added one step to the repro: switching to 3rd person is important. Using the added repro mission file I get the described result. Please test again.

I tried the mission. The gunner is still able to move his turret afterwards.
There's something wrong with _your_ Arma...
Just to be sure: Freelook = 2x ALT?
It says you're using dev build. Is this correct?

pops added a comment.Sep 22 2013, 10:15 PM

I'm on the DEV build, no addons loaded, only -nosplash as parameters. I just had a few friends try to reproduce it, but they were unable. :(

I think it may be related to my control setup, weird things happen from time to time when you're using a completely customized keyboard layout as a left handed person.