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Mission Commander
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Give a commander and editor like interface with all the features of the editor. So that half way through missions enemies can be spawned in. Helicopter evacs can be called in even if originally there was no helicopters on the map.


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Because when I am doing missions with our clan, If a trigger doesn't work or anything like that. We must restart the whole mission and or operations take between 3-5 hours

Well, make your own interface.

better for them to work on fixing the trigger bugs

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Why not either place them in beforehand or deal with it? Real life CO's have to make decisions and adapt to the circumstances. Anyway, it's always fun to be hunted by a tank platoon, or defend the objective from waves of enemy reinforcements with JDAMs flying over your heads (not in real life, but whatever), or other fun stuff. Try it out, it could be more fun than just spawning in an artillery emplacement or CAS jet on demand. I do see your point on how the mission editor might have "misplaced" a helicopter, etc., however I do not think they need to add this as it is already a feature (it requires some programming knowledge though).