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Multiple rounds simultaneous impact
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Modern self-propelled howitzers, for example the Panzerhaubitze 2000, are capable of using a computer generated firing solution that allows multiple rounds fired from the same gun to hit the target near simultaneously, this improves efficiency of the barrage as the target has no time to react and take cover.

It is 2035, so it would be nice if the SPGs were able to do this, you can already do a two-round simultaneous impact on some ranges and with manual timing, but an automatic system incorporated to the artilley computer would be awesome.


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Agreed, theoretically (in Arma 3) you can do it so that 2 rounds hit the target at the same time, but only in theory. You can use 3 different trajectories with mortars.

In real life Patria AMOS (mortar) can use 7 different trajectories.

How to fix this easily: add more range settings and make sure they are overlapping. Better solution: there's burst in the artillery computer (but right now we can't change the value).