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Clients kicked with "Steam ticket failed"
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Only a few clients can join our server as most are instantly kicked with the error "Steam Ticket failed"

The server does not require addons, and all of the guys I talked to could connect without issues, but others seem to get booted everytime. We are running the game as a client through steam, the server uses the command line updater executable to keep the game up to date (steamcmd.exe).

I read that using a launcher as a client causes this issue. Interestingly I cannot find any feedback on this tracker from a server side perspective.

I won't post our server IP as this could be seen as promotion. However, I'd like to gather some feedback if this error is common or something specific for our server.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • start a dedicated server
  • watch people try to connect
  • watch them get kicked off with aforementioned error
  • play alone on your paid dedicated


  • non-profit

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