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Demo/Satchel Charges not Effective Against 2S9 Sochor
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Trying to create a sabotage mission is difficult, as demolition and satchel charges are very ineffective against armour. Either make them more powerful or enable a sabotage action for use against vehicles. It took 6 demolition charges to knock out an artillery piece - almost more than a player can carry!


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Unable to reproduce. It took me one explosive charge to take out a piece of artillery.

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Maybe it was because I was playing on a higher difficulty or something? Seriously man, it took 6 charges. What did you do? Did you use the demo charge? And was it against the S29 Sochor? It happens consistently for me.

I cannot destroy the S29 Sochor with one explosive charge. Not demo or satchel. In fact, at 0,5 damage on the Sochor, I still could not destroy it with 2 satchel charges! I find it hard to believe that no-one else can reproduce this?

I was playing the "Armed assault" showcase on regular difficulty. It took me one one explosive charge to destroy the Sochor.

Okay, tested it in the editor on regular and was able to blow one up with one charge and one satchel. The ones in the showcase were probably damaged or something.

Thanks for testing man! Try it on the highest difficulty though - it's insane! :-)

Yeah - it's definitely bugged on Elite difficulty. You ought to be able to destroy a Sochor with 1-2 explosive charges.

FYI, the Sochor in the Armed Assault Showcase is running a special damage handler to make it blow up with one charge, for gameplay purposes.

Fixed - works perfectly now.