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Server randomly crash since release 1.0
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my server randomly crashes since release 1.0. On Beta he works without any issues. I've tested it with normal and dev version. I'ts aleway the same, the server randomly crashes by various missions. Yesterday i've made a small mission, added two spawnpoínts for multiplayer, some vehicles, four or five Groups of enemies. A friend and me connect to the game, take a tank and drive to the enemies. After arrive them the server crashed. It doesn't matter which mission i am start (Insurgency altis, tripwired occupation altis, rescue barry stratis, hunting grounds stratis.......) alway the same (dev and not dev). {F22222}


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start the server and Play on multiplayer

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I've added all necessary files: Log/Dump, slefmade small mission, server config, server start batch, steam updater cmd

The Server is a Windows 2008 x64 OS, installed on an ESXi VMware host. Two Intel Xeon 2.33MHz, 12GB Ram, PFSense Firewall, 34MBit fibre Internet Connection.

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Server still crash with actual dev build.