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Can't disarm your own explosives
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In ARMA 2 it was possible to disarm your own satchel and put it back into your inventory to use later. It seems this action is broken in ARMA 3.

You can plant the satchel/charge and set the timer, but you cannot disarm it as you could in ARMA 2.

This means you can keep adding time to the satchel and you have to wait for it to go off, you can't disarm and reset it for manual detonation or a shorter time period.


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Steps To Reproduce

Launcher editor or play a mission with satchel charges

Plant a charge

Attempt to use action menu to disarm

Observe that you cannot disarm the charge

Additional Information

Just another feature that's diseappeared/broken since ARMA 2.

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You need to be an engineer or explosive specialist and you need to have a toolkit in your inventory.

It works for me.

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That's what the different classes are for.


Now, that is cowpoo! If a soldier can arm a satchel, he can also disarm it.
So either limit the whole thing to an expert or let every soldier handle it.

Koala added a comment.Sep 21 2013, 5:58 PM

If a soldier can wound another soldier, he can also heal it... wait, what?

Oh, I need a medic for my buddy over here!!! That is what they call teamplay dude. If you are semi professional enough to arm a mine, doesn't mean, that you are professional enough to disarm it. Deal with it.

Linkin added a subscriber: Linkin.May 7 2016, 4:50 PM

I had no idea you had to be an engineer for this to work.

But in any case, shouldn't all soldiers be trained in basic explosives handling?