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Altis map absolute crap frame rate, super lag
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Coop mode i can sorta play altis for maybe 10-15 minutes before extreme lag, wasteland mod, its completly impossible. I play with my settings on standard and never had to lower them ever. But i lowered them all to try altis ABSOLUTE NO HELP. Idk if this is cause the maps new or what but i can play a 75 man strats map
perfectly fine 97% of the time. WHY ME LORD WHY I JUST WANNA TEAMWORK UP AND BANG BANG!!!




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The problem is most likely a weak server, plus the wasteland missions are not optimized yet. Try to find a different server.
As servers are operated by users, some of them think they can run a dedicated server on a cheap virtual machine... -.-
I play on Altis on a laptop without issues in multiplayer.

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Wasteland gives the worst performance due to all the objects on the map, it is more CPU intensive than GPU intensive so no matter what you put the graphics at it will still be crap fps if is already crap fps.