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Ghosthawk geometry conflicting with terrain types/buildings
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Landing a helicopter on the Helipad at the hospital at Kavala, the helicopter vibrates up and down (bounces), even with the engine turned off. When the menu is open, the option for getting out of the helicopter blinks very rapidly, as it turns on every time the helicopter is down when bouncing.

EDIT: After further testing, only the Ghosthawk has this problem. So it may be an issue with the Ghosthawk, and not the helipad.

EDIT 2: After landing on a pier, the Ghosthawk bounced as well. This has led me to the conclusion that the geometry of the Ghosthawk somehow interferes with certain terrain types.


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Steps To Reproduce

Fly a Ghosthawk helicopter to helipad on the hospital at Kavala.

Land helicopter with all three wheels on the helipad. If wheels are on the metal grating, it stops the bouncing.

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I don't know if this is the case for every hospital with a helipad, as I have only landed on the one.

It is the case for every pier that I have landed onto.

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Can't reproduce. Tried multiple helicopters.

PS. Kavala is not the capital of Altis. :)

After further testing, this issue seems only to be able to be replicated while using the blackhawk. It does not vibrate if the rear wheel or the front wheels are on the metal grating surrounding the helipad. All three wheels must be on the helipad in order for it to vibrate.

So it may only be an issue with the blackhawk, not the helipad.

Confirmed with the Ghost Hawk (the real name of the helicopter).

I have tested this on every helicopter, and only the Ghosthawk has instant bouncy-wheels when landing on the helipad.

Thanks Gekkibi for confirmation.

I'll look around for more helipads, and see if it is unique to only this one.


On my quest of finding more helipads, I randomly decided if I could land on a pier. Upon landing, the ghosthawk started exhibiting the bouncy wheels again.

The problem seems to be that the ghosthawk's geometry somehow interferes with specific terrain types.