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commandArtilleryFire crashes game when target is inside 'Seized By' trigger [DEV]
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Since today's dev update (10300), using commandArtilleryFire to shell a target causes a crash when the given target is inside the area of a trigger with conditions "Seized By " and "Detected By " the same side as the artillery piece.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

See attached mission file, or:

Place your player unit and any manned artillery piece - mortar or otherwise - (both BLUFOR for now), name the piece MORTAR1. Some distance away, place a marker called TARGET, and on top of the marker place a trigger with the conditions "Seized by BLUFOR" and "Detected by BLUFOR". In either unit's init line place this code

0 = [] spawn { mortar1 commandArtilleryFire [ markerpos "TARGET", getArtilleryAmmo [mortar1] select 0, 1 ]; };

Start the game, the artillery will fire one round and the game will immediately crash.

If you feel like it, restart the game and try moving the target marker outside of the trigger area, and observe that the game does not crash after the artillery fires.

Additional Information

Crash does not occur if player simply uses the artillery computer to fire at the target.

Crash occurs only after all rounds are complete, i.e. the artillery has fired the number of rounds specified in the parameters. If the parameter is changed to three rounds, the piece will fire three rounds and then the game will crash.

Crash also occurs when using the support module with either virtual or actual artillery.

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Confirmed with the test mission. Didn't try to verify what's causing it.

Thank you for repro mission:)