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Action open/close door not first option...
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I noticed that when u approach a building and want to open a door fast (I normally do that with mouse wheel up, click)that the action isn't on top anymore.
instead it switches my primary to secondary weapen.


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launch dev branche and open a door, the option appears as third in your action menu, should be (or at least was) first.

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Your problem is, that you scroll up with the mouse wheel before pressing the middle mouse button for activation. Just try to press the middle mouse button, when you are close to a door helps to open it.

Sorry, but I vote down.


The more obvious problem is, when you already have scrolled your mouse wheel, before reaching the activation zone for opening/closing the door, that the primary action isn't "open/close the door" but f.e. "Weapon P07 9mm".

Bohemia has to find a solution for that clunky action menu:

thanks for the link, Dslyecxi explains it pretty much in his video.