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Unit playing sound using "say" command in vehicle speaks quietly
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I have made a mission, where player and one other unit are both in the same vehicle. They have conversation playing through "say" commands, but Player himself can't hear anything from first person view. The sounds are played like outside of the vehicle, so Player can hear them very quietly.
Switch to 3rd person view and sounds are heard clearly and loudly.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place 2 units (one of them should be player) in some vehicle
  2. Play sound using "say" command for one of them units
  3. Listen to the difference between 1st person view and 3rd person view
Additional Information

The "playSound" command behaves the same way, but it can be tolerated because it is not supposed to be inside vehicle (the command "say" is supposed to be played inside the vehicle)

The "say" command should play correctly even if it's used on the vehicle itself.. I simulated radio player for the vehicle in one mission and it was not hearable inside

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