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Car brakes are unrealistically weak.
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The brakes on a car is the most powerful thing you have on a car but in Arma 3 they barely work at all.

In fact the handbrake seems to do a better job at slowing the car down.
Obviously this is unrealistic.
Doesn´t matter what vehicle you take, even the ATV does not stop properly.

Nothing personal BI, just trying to make the game more realistic.



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Game Physics
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Just take a car, choose a speed and see for yourself.
If you are unsure, take your real car and compare the speed difference.

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One proposal is to fix a proper ABS system on the cars that gives maximum braking force but with the ABS making sure that you don´t lock up.

For keyboard users you could just delay the maximum braking force for one second so you for example have 50% on initial button-push then between that and one second it ramps up to 100% braking force.

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I just tested a few cars on the airfield.
Getting them up to 100km/h and braking until the came to a complete stop.
The stopping distance for all the cars was between 35 and 50 meters.
Which is very realistic, have you tested on different surfaces?

Tests show that braking distances are consistent with the diagram posted.

Gekkibi added a subscriber: Gekkibi.May 7 2016, 4:49 PM

Confirmed, matches with the diagram posted.

Guys , each car has its own braking distance which is effected from its mass and speed , for example the sport hatchback should have the smallest while on wheeled APCs it should be way more at a given speed .

Tracked vehicles behave differently and should not be included in any configuration of the wheeled vehicles.

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The buggy part is that the back wheels only add to the deceleration when you use the handbrake. IRL all 4 wheels have brakes (my car has disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back) and this changes the braking distance. But when you apply brakes to all 4 wheels in Arma 3, your vehicle is spinning out of control, with often desasterous results when sitting in the sports hatchback for example.

But if you want to avoid that, you can just switch to a passenger seat while driving, that brings you to the quickest stop possible (and I absolutely hate it, cars should roll!).

Omfg....this is basic physics guys.

The people who downvote this can not possibly have a car or have possibly used the brakes properly once in their life.

This is the sort of thing that keeps the game dumbed down.

Tested with Strider. 130 - 0 km/h took about 80 meters. What do you want it to be..? I have had multiple cars, from crappy Fords to a Porsche. So please don't use you-don't-have-a-car argument.
Maybe you could tell us about the basic physics...

Edit: if there's something to be improved, it is to increase the braking distance of heavy vehicles. After all, most of the military vehicles are armored...

It´s not the braking distance per say (although quite a few needs tweaking). It´s the braking force and how that is applied during braking.
Also the handbrake being a better brake then the actual disc brakes.

Take the ATV, roll at 15-20km/h and hit the brakes. Not handbrake just regular brake.
If you can´t see the problem then i can´t help you anymore.

this is why we can´t have nice things like realistic car dynamics...people just downvote without thinking and understanding.

...True, bicycles etc have been "broken" since OFP 1.0... But then again this ticket was about the cars in general. In general everything is fine.

pops added a comment.Sep 21 2013, 7:52 PM

I have to disagree, the current state is not fine. To get maximum brake performance you have to use the handbrake which makes the deceleration a wonky process. It should be the other way round: full brakes with one key, handbrake optional with a chance of sliding though corners like a ralley pro.

Well OP maybe you can explain how to apply different force to the brakes with a single key?

pils85 added a subscriber: pils85.May 7 2016, 4:49 PM

Ok I think I found out what is going wrong and why people come to different braking distances. Modern cars need about 40 m for emergency braking at 100 km/h.

100 - 0 km/h using only "backward" -> 60 m
100 - 0 km/h using "backward" + handbrake -> ~ 40 m

Same issue with the Hatchback. Only vehicles tested so far. The just "backward" brakes with the Hatchback are alright, together with handbrake the braking distance is even a bit short.
It seems that using only backward is not activating the rear brakes or at least not as effective as the handbrake. That's a bug and the cause of it all. And of course it's not realistic, as the rear brakes are at their maximum performance when stomping the pedal (maybe limited by the ABS).

@pils85 the keyword is "emergency". Not every case of braking in A3 require "emergency" braking, don't you think so?

pops added a comment.Sep 22 2013, 1:10 AM

Exactly, just like I wrote earlier. ;)

@KillZone Kid

Easy problem to solve. You change the linearity of it.
In fact i have already explained above how you can have maximum braking force without choppy-ness if you are just slowing down a bit.

But looking at the voting it´s irrelevant when people downvote without really grasping how cars brake and basic physics around handbrakes and whatnot.

I could make 5 more tickets on unrealistic car dynamics but it seems people like unrealism. They want games dumbed down.

Been doing some more running with the SUV and i´ll be damned if it doesn´t slow down quicker from let´s say 150-120 the it does from 30-0.

AZCoder added a subscriber: AZCoder.May 7 2016, 4:49 PM

Same thing I noticed. It's at slow speeds that it takes way too long to stop, like just trying to turn around in a parking lot, in real life you can slam the brake and stop virtually right away. Here, the cars keep going backwards a car length or two before stopping. Arma 2 has better braking.

Only because stopping distance is correct at 100 km/h, doesn't mean it's correct at other speeds.
You need at least two or more values per car.