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Tracked vehicles have inversed controls while in reverse
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My ticket ID: 0011996 got closed as fixed but i dont think its fixed yet and i cant reopen it. My description of what the controls should be seemed to be hard to understand, leading to some misunderstandings.

I made a little after-effects animation to make it clear:

The video shows how i think the tank controls in Arma 3 should work. The forward part is the same like it is in the game but the driving backward part is different. In the game the tank turns to the left side of the screen when you are driving backwards and press "D". That is not how it is supposed to be in my opinion.

Im playing the stable version but i dont think its fixed in the dev build either. Correct me if i am wrong.


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check ticket ID: 0011996

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The video is private.

During my Military Service i drove Leopard 2 and M113 and had the opportunity to drive a BMP-2 as well. All 3 tanks have "steering wheels" no steering/braking-levers. The steering _IS_ like in a normal car. The steering in reverse mode in this game is wrong. When you steer, the turning axis of a tracked vehicle is the track which is slowed. Steering left, left track is slowed or stopped, steering right the right one, so you turn around this track. The other track just turns forward or backward whichever direction is set. To summarise it, the "S" or "D" button are just stopping or slow down the left or right track. I hope my explaination discribes the problem sufficiently.

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"In the game the tank turns to the left side of the screen when you are driving backwards and press "D"."

Tracked vehicles rotates clockwise when you reverse and steer right. I don't understand what you mean by "left side of the screen".

No, in real life tracked vehicles turn counter clockwise when you drive reverse and steer right.

I meant in Arma 3. I didn't serve in the armored corps, so don't know how real life tanks (with steering wheels) operate, but I have (remote)controlled few tracked vehicles, and they didn't operate like cars.

Then i have to say, they were programmed wrong.
I just launched ArmA 2 to check the tracked vehicles there and, they behave properly.

Just one thing to add, when you steer right or left in a real tank with steering wheel nothing happens unless you hit the gas pedal. The turning when just "S" or "D" is pressed is easier and more action styled but not as it is in real life.

I launched Arma 2 as well, and when I reverse and steer at the same time it behaves just like I described earlier: D = clockwise, A = counterclockwise. Doesn't matter if I go forward or backwards. Can't see any dramatic difference between Arma 2 and Arma 3...

Yes, you are right. I had a Mod installed which corrects it, because i thought, and still think, in a military simulation the behavior of the vehicles should also be simulated, not 100% like in real life, but the steering is one of the things which should be. Esp. as a former tank driver i always steer in the wrong direction in ArmA 3. I hope the modder converts the Mod for ArmA 3.

But, it should be implemeted properly in vanilla as well and not transfer the faults from a former version.

In that case I stand corrected. Damn those tracked vehicles I have controlled in real life; they lied to me how tanks (with steering wheels) are steered! :)

However, this raises a problem. What if you steer full clockwise and you are stationary, but then start to go backwards very slowly... Does it mean your steering goes all the way to the other direction? This makes tanks very unpredictable. This is not a problem with wheeled vehicles because you can't turn when stationary.

Video should be watchable now.

Ok, long story short. The video describes it perfectly.
A picture is worth a thousand words. ;)

I noticed this, it should be fixed +1

tracked non military vehicles behave like curent situation in ARMA3 ...
but upvoted i believe what the militairi-tank specialists say

En résumé, nothing needs to be changed.

I talked to a friend who still serves in tank battalion. (I really don't know, why i didn't talk to him when this fact first bothered me in ArmA 2)
Modern tanks behave like in the game.
I only have experiences with older tank types. They all used the braked differential steering type, so the just stoped the track you selected. Modern tank transmissions can drive the tank's tracks independently, needed for neutral turn. Triple differential tank steering is the name of that magic - complexity of a space shuttle... . Means, when you steer right, they are spining clockwise. Make sense regarding to combat situations, where it is more important to face the front armour towards the enemy than to park your tank.
I beg paron for confusing some of you, i was confused too.

I consulted a team member who served as a Merkava driver in IDF: Everything is just like it's supposed to be...

ok better close this ticket then cause the complaint is invalid