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Leg damage leads to no penalties
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Dear BIS,

Currently when a unit is shot in the legs, it affects neither their movement speed nor limits the units stance.

This is a serious balancing issue as units who have been shot in the leg can still sprint around the map like Usain Bolt.

It does have kinda an awkward feeling considering the ArmA series classifies itself as a "military simulation" in the advertising.

All previous ArmA games restricted the stance to crawling when a unit had been shot. Even the years old Swat4 game had limping implemented when the legs were shot.

Proposal: Either add crawling again or limit leg-wounded units to walking speed.

Limiting the speed would work optimal with a limping animation and these wouldn't have to be created at all as they were allready mo-capped for the DayZ Standalone.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Shoot a unit in the leg
  2. See the guy still walking and running around with no changes at all


Additional Information

A leg damage simulation was in the game series since OFP/CWA. It forced units to crawl when enough damage was done to their legs.

ArmA CWA had it.
ArmA1 had it too.
ArmA2 had it too.
ArmA2 OA had it too.
ToH had it too.

ArmA3 seems to be going a different direction.

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Ok didnt see that duplicate, can some of my info added to the ticket there please?

The "old" ticket seems kinda minimalistic.