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Driving tracked vehicles in reverse, controls are inverse
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When you drive the Panther or Kamysh (edit: any tracked vehicle) in reverse they turn left when you press right and turn right when you press left.

edit (18.09.2013):
Every tracked vehicle in the game is affected. Because of that I changed the report title


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IF anybody dowvote this ticket, they should know that the tracked vehicles work diferent than the wheeled one, and the tracked vehicles shouldn't have inversed driving controls when going backwards

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Everything works like they should work. Tracked vehicles operate differently than wheeled vehicles.

The controls are not inverted when reversing: when you drive tracked vehicle and you reverse & steer right, you're turning the vehicle to right. Wheeled vehicles have inverted controls when reversing (as they should have).

I never drove a tracked vehicle in real life but my understanding is that when i steer to my right hand side, the right track gets slower then the left one resulting in a turn to the right (while i drive forward). When i drive backwards and steer to my right hand side, again the right track gets slower then the left one resulting in a turn to the right side of the vehicle (left side regarding to the driving direction). But the opposite happens ingame.


plz visit the original ticket ID 0011996