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Movement AI is confused by small spaces.
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As can be seen in the attached repro mission, AI units are unable to move through spaces between objects smaller than 3x3 meters or so.

Physics objects like vehicles or furniture further confuse them as the AI has an especially hard time finding their way around them.

AI also seems to be able to sometimes walk through objects, especially player controlled cars if they are unable to find a way around.

See pictures for the most miserably stuck units. {F22174} {F22175} {F22176}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up the reproduction mission.
  2. Call radio alpha (0-0-1) to make AI units run through the several mazes and the tight doorway.
  3. Watch as the AI unit in a sparse non physics object maze is able to clear the maze effortlessly while the AI units in the car maze, the partly physics object blocked identical maze and the tight doorway mazes all get stuck. The result is especially sad for the tight doorway guy because just a single step forward through the 2~ meter wide gap would free him from his invisible pathfinding prison.

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