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Sprint key exits optics view.
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Pressing the sprint key while using sights will move your weapon out of the sight view.
If you are using optics with a zoom your view will stay zoomed and the optics are moved off screen.


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confirmed in the latest dev branch too

I personally have my "hold breath" key combined with the sprint key and as long as I hold down the sprint key, I can't see any iron sights and optics.

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A small note - when you are in this "strange" view activated by shift, your scope and weapon are steadied in a certain direction, but the projectiles will travel as they would if the "strange" view is not activated. So you could be aiming (holding shift) at something directly in front of you, and bullets would be traveling to the right or left or all over the place (depending on fatigue).

tl;dr: scope steadies, aim does not.

(copied my comment from 14674)

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Thanks for the report!
Sprinting will override the optics.
Should be partly fixed in today's dev branch (with one visual glitch).

Confirmed fixed for me