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Flight Limitation to Realistic Maneuverability
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When attempting to fly over 5000 meters, the plane, and any aircraft will stall out. Before reaching this altitude the aircraft's maneuverability is vastly decreased, but to an unrealistic standard. I think these standards should be improved, therefore having the altitude restriction set to a more realistic height, and the further you go up, gradually the air restricts maneuverability, just like in real life, in the air. This would make fore a much more dynamic, and realistic feel for the physics of things that fly.


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Spawn plane, take off, or spawn in air. Fly up, and do turns. go higher and do turns. Attempt to fly past the altitude restriction and find it is set way too low.

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If you play the f-18 the limitation is 10 000 meters. It still few when you know that fighters are often flying at FL420 or a little bit more !!

Please you use physX, use physX for good things and find a solution. Thanks !

"Please you use physX, use physX for good things and find a solution."

Why does that remind me so much of this: ?

Could it be Nvidia who helped with the new PhysX Aspect? But back on Topic, The whole thing here, is to have it set in the Vanilla more realistically, as appose to having to get mods in order to fly to a certain level. These posts are based on the Original product.

izaiak added a comment.Nov 5 2013, 6:11 PM

Find your friends to vote up this topic. Aircraft have just a very bad physX !

Close formation flight are more difficult because Aircraft piloting skill needed is closer to star wars than FSX !

More over, the maximum altitude is so bad created. At 10k m with the f-18 or 5k meters with the aircraft into arma 3, all of you control are blocked !

Please BI, improve the air physX it is just chaotique and the game could be really better in the Air if it was corrected !