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AI Rate of Fire changes with distance from player
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Machine Guns or Automatic weapons have some kind of Hard-Coded rate of fire limit based on distance from player. This has been present since OFP and has been reported in previous versions of ArmA. Cannot be resolved with config settings.



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Just place a machine gun soldier on the map and let him engage some bad guys whilst attempting to use the full-auto firing mode. Place yourself at a distance of 300m + regardless of whatever settings are used in the config, he will fire at a much slower rate of fire hard-coded at 0.2 even if the weapon is set at 0.08 in the config.

"Tested using Stock A3"
"Tested using Modded Weapon Config" so the only FIRE MODE present to both player and AI is fully automatic and rate of fire set at 0.08

  • Result

AI will fire at correct rate of fire when player is very close to their position. But will revert to firing at 0.2 once player is past 50 + meters.

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Why has this never been fixed?

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This has been in every arma game that i can remember. take the time to fix this devs please, it wreaks havoc when making sounds too as what sounds good at zero feet sounds bad farther away.

Really? still marked as a new issue when its dated 2013-09-17 19:39