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Fixed wing HUD missing important information.
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Currently the HUD for the fixed wing aircraft is missing Landing gear and Flaps indicators.
It is currently impossible to know when 3rd person is turned off in game. It is also missing any damage indicator.
If the engine is hit by guns we should be able to know if we are able to shut down the engine and find a place to land or if our wing is hit and we need to eject. There also needs to be a place on the cockpit that has the fixed radar that is on top of the screen (with hopefully an option to remove that) Assuming that would not be a hard fix.


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Turn off 3rd person and fly. Look around for any indicators as to the status of gear/flaps.

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We are also missing g force black outs. This could be made a separate ticket though.

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There is no engine and wing damage indication because BIS is too lazy to completely rewrite how jets work.

At the minimum it is imperative to at least have gear and flaps indicators.