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Various turn speed issues - needs fixing
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There are many issues with turn speed for players and AI.


Able to turn around with any amount of gear in an instant, results in spinning around like a madman. This is the case whether standing, crouched or prone, with any weapon.

Heavy weapons have lost aiming intertia like they had in ARMA 2 (M107 notable example)

Aiming deadzone is broken (instant full speed acceleration, this is bad because aiming deadzone now can't be used for fine-tuned aiming adjustments - THIS IS A NECESSARY MECHANIC FOR AIMING DEADZONE)

AI Issues:

I have seen AI to multiple complete 360 degree rotations
AI "locks on" to your location instantly
AI do not scan horizon, once they know where you are roughly, they lock on and start shooting
AI are able to turn around and shoot faster than a player can react


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Steps To Reproduce

Simply play the game and take note of the issues listed above

Additional Information

Some compromise between ARMA 2 and current ARMA 3 is necessary.

The limited turn speed in ARMA, along with smooth aiming deadzone. Slow, to fast with more movement, made a realistic and immersive experience.

ARMA 3 has no such smoothness and everything feels too fast and floaty. It's hard to get small precise movements with aiming deadzone. Not a problem in ARMA 2.

Very important especially for TrackIR users that use deadzone as it is a very good mechanic to use in conjuction.

I am finding it is just extremely jerky and awkward to use in ARMA 3.

In addition, the third person view in ground vehicles is too floaty when using Track IR or freelook

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