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Aircraft issues
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Its come to my attention that jets and heli's are not configured correctly.

I somehow managed to land a jet on its belly with the landing gear up. I couldn't get out of it or move around. Which lead me to blowing up the thing so I could respawn. Apparently it takes two bombs and several HE rounds to take it down. This is way too strong for a jet.

Jets also handle awkwardly when playing with keyboard/mouse combo. The 3rd person view on a jet dosnt move with craft as it would in another game that would offer the keyboard mouse combo.

I suspect its the same for helicopters. Tried to take down the Russian helicopter with the support guns on ghost hawk, Run out of ammo trying so.

Long story short, Aircraft NEED to be looked at again.


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  1. Land the attack jet on its belly with landing gear up, try to get out; you cant.
  2. Drop bombs and he rounds to destroy.


  1. Open editor
  2. Place Rustin chopper
  3. place ghost hawk
  4. one player to fly, one player to gun
  5. shoot Russian chopper until you run out of ammo.

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Rustin helicopter? Seriously?

OK, so I suppose you mean CSAT helicopter. Which one?

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Sorry, that was auto correct.. I am of course referring to the Mi-48 Kajman. Unfortunately I cannot edit the OT.

That's not a helicopter. It's a tank. (joke)

It's supposed to be able to resist .50 cal.