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Vehicles Freelook for different types of vehicles.
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Hi. This thread was started here:
Sonic557 asked me to create new ticket to better explain the problem. So please read carefuly before voting.

There are currently 3 ways to freelook in vehicle by moving mouse. I'm talking about situations when you don't own trackir or any steering wheel/joystick. First is by pressing and holding default "Alt". Second option is toggling freelook by pressing "2xAlt". Third option is enabling "Vehicle Freelook" in game options menu. By default vehicle freelook is disabled in game options here:

While first option is commonly used in infantry and air, second option (toggling freelook) is often used by some players in land and sea vehicles. It's because it is much easier to drive that kind of vehicles by keyboard, leaving at the same time mouse available for freelook. Third option is I believe for people who own joystick or steering wheel, so they can use both their mouse and other controller to drive/fly and look around both at the same time. If not, correct me because I don't own neither steering wheel or joystick.

Now. Since I said above that I don't own steering wheel or joystick 3rd option (enabling freelook in game options menu) seems useless for me. I don't want to toggle freelook (2xAlt) everytime I sit in land or sea vehicle. I don't use mouse to drive car or boat, I use my keyboard like in any other game, which allows me to drive and look around at the same time. I want to use however mouse to fly planes and helicopters. Currently enable freelook for vehicles in game options enables it for all kind of vehicles, additionaly you can't disable it later in game by pressing alt. This makes driving cars and boats much more comfortable, but flying helicopters or planes impossible. My suggestion is to change the option "Vehicle Freelook" from "Enable/Disable" to this:

*drop down menu here*
Land/boats: Enable/Disable
Planes: Enable/Disable
Helicopters: Enable/Disable
Submarine: Enable/Disable

This way players who drive cars/boats by keyboard will be avilable to avoid pressing 2xAlt everytime they sit in vehicle. Notice that freelook in Arma3 is by default enabled for passengers already and it is much more comfortable and natural for them to not press "2xAlt" to enable to look around.


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This is feature/game option request. Currently for people who fly with mouse and drive with keyboard enabling "Vehicle Freelook" option in game options is useless.

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When it auto switched to vehicle freelook for me, I almost raged when flying helis.
This needs to be in A3

+1, thanks Deo for creating this ticket to better explain the idea! Please add me in steam: ApexPredator.

I fly with my mouse and keyboard and have no problem with the freelook as it is. So what others see as impossible is actually possible.

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It's not a big problem, but if at some parts game forces you to press button on keyboard while there is no need to, then it breaks immersion. I feel some people are too conservative.

It breaks immersion that you have to press a button on a PC game? Are you serious?

"Notice that freelook in Arma3 is by default enabled for passengers already and it is much more comfortable and natural for them to not press "2xAlt" to enable to look around." Ready carefully! When I'm not able to look around using my mouse because I need to press button before in PC game then YES, it breaks immersion!

edit: maybe instead of simplify things lets go further with making things more complicated, like: press button on keyboard to enable walk controls! :) Seriously, are we in some kind of robot/mech in Arma3?

@Deo WTF are you on man, you HAVE to press the keyboard to enable your player to walk its called WASD, Breaking immersion by touching the keyboard when you dont have to is a weak argument. The mouse steer is there for the driver if he chooses to use it. It is possible to enable freelook for the driver in the game options.

@JohnnieChode if You don't understand this, don't vote. I don't want to be rude, but Your comment shows that you have absolutely no idea what this issue is about.

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I understand the issue, Deo is reporting.

If you switch enable "Vehicle Freelook" in the options, you don't have to press 2xAlt (for freelook) everytime you get in a car/boat/truck. But if you get in an airplane, you can't steer those things with the mouse unless you go into the option menue and disable "Vehicle Freelook". That's a shame.

By the way, I personally don't find it too difficult, to press 2xAlt, after I got in a drivable vehicle.

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I use mouse for planes and helicopters because the precision is necessary(hover, land, take off). But in ground vehicles i rather use my mouse to look around.

I voted up, but i think there is a much simpler drop down box.

*Ground vehicle
*All vehicle

I think it is enough and much less effort to implement. Sooner we will get.