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The Mi-48 Kajman is too durable.
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I noticed this a while back when initially testing the 50 cal. Almost every other vehicle out at the time was vulnerable to the 50 but the Kajman too something like 2 clips to destroy the engine (vs 1-2 shots on all other aircraft/light armor)

But I didn't make a big deal of it.

Lately I've been making lots of mission with myself destroying targets in the Buzzard. It seems no matter how much I shoot the Kajman with the dual barreled 20mm explosive Anti Material rounds it will not explode. Granted it *does* become damaged. But it is often still flyable long after all other similarly armored vehicles are destroyed.

Just not I made a mission that involved shooting the Kajman out of the air with the Buzzard using the cannon. I will be including a video showing me hitting the helicopter at least 5-6 times in two passes while having no effect on the helicopter. This is in fact the end of the mission and I had already hit it directly with at least 30 rounds in previous passes similar to the one in the video. So in total it took 30-40 rounds of explosive AA rounds without even losing a rotor or crewmember.

This is just ridiculous. It is a flying tank and is very much in need of some survivability passes. I want to note I *do* think it should be heavily armored. It is a cas/transport helio. That said, the amount of armor it would require to be taking this much damage is well beyond what an aircraft that size could lift.

(Note: I am not a good pilot, but you can clearly see I *do* hit it multiple times.


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Try to shoot down a kajman with a buzzard.

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