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[FEEDBACK REQUEST] Allow images in the description of the tracker.
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This may be a very late request, and possibly too late to implement, but i'd like to try anyway.
I did a search using keywords to see if a ticket like this exist, by using Google and the Feedback tracker itself, I came up empty.

I am requesting for basic functionality to be able to place images inside the Description, Steps to Reproduce, Additional Information and possibly the Comments section of the Feedback Tracker.

Simply have a button somewhere that when you click on it, it brings up the "Load Images from URL" or "Upload to Ticket" menu. Maybe even add the option "Choose from an Image that is already Uploaded to the Ticket".

This will place an image at the Insertion Cursor where you want the image to be displayed. Allow the image link format/square box to be moved around the Ticket if your place it in the wrong place. If it using the link formatting to show you there is an image there, then maybe allow the Image to be named upon creation.

I don't expect to see the image itself whilst making the ticket, but maybe be able to add/remove images when going back to edit it.
If need be, it would make sense to automatically resize the image OR make them into thumbnails in which case you can click on the image and it opens in a new window.

The reason for this idea is that it can be very difficult to associate what has been written on the ticket to the appropriate image in the uploads section.

If there is really no other ticket like mine, then I am a little surprised no one mentioned it as this would speed up reading and understanding the tickets with images in them, and would benefit you, The Developers as you can easily associate what the ticket is trying to tell you.


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Offtopic: I just wanted to say that clicking back AFTER creating this ticket it took me back to the search section of the Tracker, my ticket has appeared there using the Keywords that I have used to try and search for other tickets. Seems like this is the only ticket created regarding the Request.

I hope that a Dev/BIS Web Developer can put this into action.