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Task module state shows "done" when trigger set to "end"
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Task module state shows that its done when a synced trigger is set to "end" even though you haven't done/cleared the task. However you can still do the task and it will function as it should. So the bug is that it just seems done although it isnt. This shows both on map and in tasks list.

Check image and steps below. {F22072}


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Steps To Reproduce

Editor. Place playable unit.

  1. Create Task module - fill fields with "t1" (sync to player).
  2. Task State module - assigned (sync to Create Task module).
  3. Task State module - succeeded (sync to Create Task module).
  4. Set Task Destination module (sync to Create Task module) place at trigger.
  1. Create trigger

Type: End#1
Act: Bluefor

(sync to Task State module - Succeeded).

*Look at image for easier understanding of placement.

Additional Information

After setting that up. Look at map while in game, and look in the tasks list. It shows up green/done although it isn't.

You can try changing the trigger type to "NONE" and see that it shows an unfinished task before you step into it.

The tasks still work as they should with type #END. But should be fixed to not show cleared until task is indeed done/cleared.

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