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Arma 3 no longer recognizes 3rd party controllers when setting up keybinds.
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A few days ago, on the dev branch, arma 3 was able to "see" my pedals and controller and allow me to assign buttons using them. Today it can no longer see them in they keybinds but CAN use them using the keybinds i set up the other day. Basically it gets the input but wont let me set new bindings. Also, they do not appear in the controllers tab.


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Attempt to assign a keybind using a non-mouse/keyboard controller.

In my case it doesnt work with the Xbox PC controller nor my CH pro pedals.

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Update: So it seems it *does* recognize them. Then at some seemingly random point it stops seeing the controllers nor does it take their input. A restart is required. Also, when it does stop seeing them it also clears all their inputs from the controls keybinds, as if they were never there.

Very irritating, more than no priority for those of us who use controllers for all the vehicles!!