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Healing + Switch from Pistol to Primary = Telekinetic Crouch-Rifle attached to your back
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It is possible to semi-lock yourself in a stationary crouching stance where you are wielding your pistol, but your slung rifle is the active weapon. The rifle shoots exactly as it is modeled on your back (e.g., straight up into the air if you're standing upright, forward if you bend down towards the ground). This bug disables all WASD movement.

Bug is canceled by changing stance to standing or prone.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Injure yourself until you can use a First Aid Kit (FAK).
  2. Whip out your pistol.
  3. Go FAK yourself.
  4. While FAKing yourself, draw your rifle.
  5. Look at your hand, now back to me, now back at your hand, now back to me!
  6. That's not a rifle.
  7. Fire your rifle. Telekineticly. While it's slung across your back.
Additional Information


Does not occur when switching to launchers, does not occur when switching from any weapon other than handguns.

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Why did you tell me to go FAK myself? :( What did I do?

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Hmm this can be a handy tactic :D

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