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Unrealistic air to air weapons of the A-143 Buzzard jet.
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The 20 mm gun is ineffective against helos , there is no targeting system for the gun , modern IR short range air to air missile systems lock even at 40 Km range (not even close in game!) , flares are TOO effective , long range air to air are radar guided and flares should not interfere with them (I won't even bother talking about their range ...) , short range air to air when fouled by a flare do not follow a particular flare to hit , short range air to air do not lock on already deployed flares.


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I found out of these issues after setting up a mission where you go helo-hunting.

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Place some mi-48s (5-6) , place your self in the jet with AA armament and go get them.

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Also ah 99 blackfoot and uh 80 ghosthawk should not be lockable (or at least not with ease) with long range air to air.

Just to prevent any confusion , arma 3 doesn't have chaff , chaff looks like a big glittering (not sure about that , maybe if hit by sunlight) smoke/cloud when deployed .

Last i checked artillery used reasonable ranges for their weapons , jets why shouldn't?

If full range implementation is not possible i would like to see at least something like 5-10 Km for short range and 30-40 Km or 50 Km for long range.

Long range air to air missiles can be evaded and out-maneuvered by very agile aircraft while for the short range ones is less likely.

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ocf81 added a comment.Sep 18 2013, 1:19 AM

I agree on the missile aspect of this ticket. The LR AAM should have at least an 8k autonomous range, as that is what is like the minimum active range that current missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM and R-77 are able to guide themselves with using their on-board seekers.
I can't imagine that BIS would model antiquated missiles like the AIM-7 sparrow or R-27, especially when they also model the asraam, which hasn't been in service for that long.

Also, BIS might want to think of modelling chaff separately.

They already have chaff, and flares. It uses both, and it is simplified. when you deploy flares, you see the flares disappear, but look closer, and you see small circles still remain in the path of where the flares were deployed. As for the missiles, idk. I am an ace and personally came to find i out maneuvered 3 missiles after running out of flares in a hot zone... or maybe i was just that desperate. What i did is taught in real life. Turn away from the missile, and as it gets closer, pull hard in another direction to defeat the missile. It saved my life.

I know what you're talking about. I've been a long time sim pilot also, and have many hours in Falcon 4.0 (RP5, FF, BMS) and the Flanker/Lomac/DCS series. The A-143's flight envelope just doesn't support sustained high G very well, which is what's needed to evade missiles consistently. If you deplete your energy, which is all too easy in the 143, you're just a sitting duck and very vulnerable. As for dispensing chaff and flares at the same time, I already noticed that. However, modern jets can differentiate between R and IR guided missiles, and should act accordingly. (Hell, automatic countermeasures programmes and RWR should be available, they've been available on real jets since the mid 90's and late 60's respectively) That's why I'm asking for separate control over the chaff. At the same time CM effectiveness should be turned down a bit in order to reflect modern day missile effectiveness. The era that the game portrays isn't the 60's.

I'm sorry but i don't see chaff in game like you do guys , i was expecting a huge cloud of particles , i haven't seen that yet .

Also missile effectiveness against CM is way too low in general , i don't understand why one should fire such an expensive weapon just to be fouled by a cheap flare combined with a cloud of small metallic pieces.

Right now in order to hit something with a missile you will have to fire from point blank , go ahead and take out some mi 48s , you will see what i am talking about.

Short range missile are made with agility in mind thus are very very agile , outmaneuvering one of those is unlikely , the only ways i can think of evading short range missiles are excessive use of flares , going against the dawning/rising sun or simply outrange them if possible.

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 4:41 PM

I can't even get a lock on an aircraft < 500 m away... And I'm completely stationary. Wtf