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Add more Force Feed Back Effects to game for those who have FFB Joystick
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I would hope better variation for force feed back effects.

  1. When helicopter yaw, roll or pitch is changed the FFB would resist gently (not shaking) like with third party SimFFB program for DCS:BS simulator.
  1. When being shot at with larger caliber fire the FFB would shake from each hit indicating the direction from the hit came.
  1. When firing weapons FFB would give corresponding effect: a) Miniguns to shake quickly and small (like now when flying) b) Firing missile and rockets give a small gently bump c) Firing autocannon give strong blowback
  1. With different damages FFB giving different feeling: a) When engine is hit start shaking stick b) When main rotor is hit make stick very stiff to move c) When tail rotor is hit start wander stick from left to right in very large circles
  1. When helicopter gears touch ground make stick very stiff to move and release it when gears don't anymore touch ground.


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Of course there could be own separate effects for those who have steering wheel (and who use it) when they drive off-road, on sand-road, on asphalt and when they hit something.

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