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Release Build - Inputs become locked / unable to use controls
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I was playing the combined arms objective. I had moved to the first point, and proceeding to the second. At this point I was holding W/movement keys to move around. I pressed shift to walk, and all my controls completely locked up. I was unable to move, use gear/map interface, and could not access in game menus, nor use "cheat" codes like flush after using the correct key sequence.

I had to end the game process from task manager as I was unable to close down normally.

The only other time I have been able to produce a similar issue is when being killed while typing into a place map marker. Inputs become locked and you can't close the game normally.


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Not sure... press lots of movement keys and release? Needs testing.

Additional Information

I'm using the ARMA 2 controls preset.

Was still able to freelook using TrackIR.

No keyboard/mouse controls were functioning.

Not in development build

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