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Working Repair Garage by fuelstation
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A working repair area should be implemented on islands. Same as fuel station.
On the side of fuel station we have a garage building, it will be nice to have it working as a repair center by parking inside.


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I did it in script for arma 1 then for arma 2, by spawning a trigger on each repair building detected in an array, to have the ability to repair vehicle same as fuel station give you the ability to refuel. It could be done once again in arma 3 easily, but ... be nice to have it included ;)

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I give a vote up after you change the description and mention the repair time should be several hours...

Good idea to make a simple module for this, but should not by default be active. It can screw up plenty of missions if a hard-coded repair point is available.

why not make a module for fuel station too, they are hard can screw up plenty of missions, because they are available... I am obviously sarcastic here ...

Sarcastic or not, this would be a good idea as well. Make a global module to toggle repair and/or refuel functionality at gas stations.

Well , I guess you have the votes on your side, lets not repair or refuel vehicle, I miss the good old ofp community, where we could do interesting things

And my argument that hard-coded repair functionality would provide for LESS interesting things are not relevant? Would it not provide the best of both worlds?

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Would be nice. Thats a game, not a simulator...dont be hardcore with the guy.