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Turret locking for vehicles (switchable)
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As the game has many vehicles that are using turrets, in most of them should be realistic to have ability to lock on particular target. The function would be similar to assigning target to AI gunner while player is on commander.

This should work for three purposes:
1] the obvious one, that gunners turret in assault chopper (AH-99), should be able to lock technical target, like a car etc.
2] UAV - this option should be also implemented for laser designator turrets at UAV aircraft, and in this case the turret should be lockable on particular position, not only unit. As when you are using Greyhawk and use laser designator, you are more painting on the ground that designating any target. Also the UAV should keep the particular position of the laser target even when flying without players direct control. This option should be also switchable (on/off) the same way as auto-hover for example.


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Example gunner view / target lock - start of this video

Example UAV

As this is from VBS 1, therefore on modified OFP engine, it should not be a big problem.

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Good point. The attack chopper gunner turrets should also have laser designators with the capability of locking & launching a missile at the designated point. Makes the attack choppers way more realistic and with this ability you can kill infantry with the missiles. Would be a good use in MP modes such as Capture the Island.

Wonder why they have ignored these kinds of capabilities which are evident on a modern battlefield. Makes the systems too complicated? Bah - Arma is mostly played by those who want more than just "point and shoot" anyways.

I'm not sure if firing guided missiles on infantry is any kind of realistic but yeah, for example RAH-66 (Blackfoot chopper in game) has the laser designator in EOTAS module.

"The EOTAS consists of a day TV, second-generation forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and laser rangefinder/ designator. The FLIR provides at least a 40 percent range increase in target detection and more than a 1.00 percent increase in target identification when compared to the first-generation FLIR on the AH-64 Apache and OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. EOTAS increases the crew's stand-off range from threat weapons, enhances the precision of target locations for target hand-overs and improves situational awareness."

Full topic:

Also a similar feature to lock on and auto adjust weapon barrel elevation according to target distance and position should be available for tanks. Fire control systems are kinda common feature of 21st century tank equipment. Given that small infantry mortar in ARMA 3 has an artillery computer, it feels a bit silly to manually aim on targets in high-tech Merkava tank.

Anyway, share this ticket to get the feature I suppose..

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