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Showcase: Tanks - Problems
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Just tried out the Tanks showcase and have had multiple issues. First off, I was bombarded with so many radio messages to go to a particular grid co-ordinate that I had to switch the radio messages off. I mean, I had the same message fifty or sixty times, over and over. Second of all, the lead tank in the group got stuck on a rock and couldn't move. I thought I'd use my own tank to nudge it off and get on with the mission. What happens? The tank goes flying off into the air. Third, and finally, I hit a rock myself and was catapulted into the sky...


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The game version isn't the Beta as listed in this ticket - but there's no Arma3 release option yet.

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Tanks also become lodged on the low wall mounds.

Lol - I know, what a joke.

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I can add to this issue: The other 3 or 4 tanks in my tank team got stuck at the first objective, and sat there refusing to move. I moved in and cleaned everything else up, moved into town, and the objective refused to complete.

Just played it and no problems. Seems to be usual BI sandbox mission unpredictable buggyness, aside from the tanks getting catapulted into the air and getting stuck, those are known in the community. Hopefully Bi knows about this too and fixes it asap.

One time I couldn't disembark from the chopper so there's a tiny bug there.
Also had the column stop moving early but I could complete it fine.

I would like to add that, after regrouping with the convoy, the driver is incapable of following it. The driver just circles around the regrouping point.