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Fixed-wing aircraft's gun underpowered
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The gun on the Independent fixed-wing aircraft is currently underpowered. I held the fire button for about 10 seconds at an enemy attack helicopter, and it still managed to fly. Is this a bug, or is it supposed to be for 'balancing'?

I thought these guns are supposed to be able to take down a helicopter in just a couple of short bursts... unless DCS doesn't model aircraft guns accurately.


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A footage from DCS A-10C showing an F-15 taking down a Hind I believe.

at 1:24, an F-15 fired 2 short bursts within a time period of 1 second. I understand the independent fixed-wing jet has a gun that fires at a slower rate, but 10+ seconds is way too much for taking down another aircraft. Those things are fragile.

This is because of an engine problem were rate of fire is affected by frame rate. Because of this we cannot have realistically firing mini guns at the moment. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

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It is shooting HE rounds I believe, those are more for taking out ground troop. And they do a well job at that. For CAS purpose I have no issues with the Buzzard. You use missiles to take out other aircrafts and ground armor.

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HE is perfect for destroying helicopters. What do you think they load AA guns and missiles with?