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Only Rabbits in Animal Selection Box
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I know this is probably going to get sorted for the release, but presently there are no animals save for rabbits in the unit box listed 'Animals'.


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There are also flies, etc. already in the game. I also saw a deer in one of the official photos.

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I really think the animals ought to be in the editor by now. Yeah, yeah - I know it's not urgent, but still - maybe with the release of the first episode? Pretty please? :-)

No animals in the first episode then - at least on the Dev branch. How about episode two then? :-) we'd love to get them in the drop down box in the editor!

Still no animals in the drop box menu. I'm so bored of rabbits.

You can use modules for goats, sheep, chickens and some other animals, but you can't control them.

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related to #12475

Thanks AD2001 - be great if we can play as the animals - although, hardly a high priority for a mil-sim, I guess!